KWS630 Aquaculture Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - Dissolved Oxygen Probe

KWS630 fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor and dissolved oxygen probe are designed for the aquaculture industry. It has has excellent characteristics with competitive price.

KWS630 Aquaculture Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


It is designed for the aquaculture industry. It has the characteristics of stable online monitoring, and it has excellent characteristics compared with the traditional type sensor.

Dissolved oxygen sensor has no membrane, no need electrolyte, strong anti-interference, no need for frequent calibration, no consumption of oxygen, no flow rate limitation, automatic temperature and Gas pressure compensation, fast reaction speed, long service life and more economical and convenient, so the fluorescence oxygen sensor is the best choice for real-time dynamic monitoring of oxygen content in aquaculture.

Dissolved Oxygen Probe Feature  

  • No membrane, no need electrolyte
  • No need to consume oxygen, not affected by flow rate
  • Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation
  • Free from chemical interferences such as sulfides
  • Small annual drift, fast response, and more accurate measurement
  • Free of maintenance, longer application cycle and lower cost of use
  • Fluor cap replacement is simple
  • Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol

Technical Specifications


Range 0-20mg/L or 0-200% saturation
Accuracy ±5%
Response Time 3 min
Ip Grade IP68
Sensor Drift <1% per year
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Output RS485, ModbusRTU/ analogue 4-20mA output.
Power Supply DC6-12V ±5%, current<50mA
Temperature Sensor NTC
Casing Diameter 22mm
Casing Length 188.3mm
Cable Length Standard 5m, customizable 10m, 15m and 30m
Fluorescent Cap Lifetime 1 year (under normal use)
Casing Material Stainless steel


Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

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