KAN600 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

KAN600 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer applied on monitoring of ammonia nitrogen content of enterprise rainwater and sewage.

Technical Specification


Model KAN600
Monitoring Parameter NH3-N
Method Spectrophotometer
Range (0.1-10) mg/L and (0.1-400) mg/L were expandable
Display unit 12232 dot matrix display, 7-inch LCD touch screen dual display
Measurement mode Manual  measurement,

continuous    measurement,

periodic measurement,

fixed-point     measurement and automatic

calibration measurement

Measurement period Anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours
Zero Drift ≤0.003 mg/L
Range Drift ≤0.15%
Repeatability ≤1.5%
Indication error 20% range ± 2%
50% range ± 2%
80% range ± 1%
MBTF > 1440 hours
Stored data Five years of data storage
Communication interface Route 24-20ma, Route 1 RS232, Route 1 RS485
Ambient Temperature (5-35)℃


Ambient Humidity (65 ± 20) % Rh
Power Requirements Rated voltage (220 ± 22) VAC frequency (50 ± 1) Hz
Contour Dimension 551 * 403 * 651(length * width * height unit mm)

Principle and Application of Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

Ammonia nitrogen is the nitrogen in the form of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ion (NH4) in water. The sources of ammonia nitrogen in water include municipal sewage, conversion of nitrite, industrial waste water such as coking synthetic ammonia and farmland drainage. Ammonia nitrogen is a nutrient in water, which can lead to eutrophication and is the main oxygen-consuming pollutant in water. It is toxic to fish and some aquatic organisms.

How Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer works: in an alkaline medium, ammonia and ammonium ions in water react with hypochlorite to form chloramine. Under certain temperature and conditions, chloramine reacts with salicylate to form a blue-green compound, which is proportional to the concentration of ammonia-nitrogen in the water sample, thus the concentration of ammonia-nitrogen in the water sample can be calculated.

The main application scenarios include monitoring of enterprise rainwater and sewage, monitoring of ammonia nitrogen content in municipal pipe network, pumping station, ground water, river water, lake water, seawater and so on.




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