KWS100 Environmentally Friendly UV254 photometric COD Sensor

COD Sensor Introduction

The Kacise KWS100 UV254 photometric sensor is new generation of environmentally friendly COD (chemical oxygen consumption)/TOC (total organic carbon) /SAC (spectral absorption coefficient)/NO3-N/NO3- sensor. It does not require reagents. It is non -polluting, more economical, and more environmentally friendly. It is small size, easy to install. It can perform online monitoring the water quality. It can automatically compensate for turbidity disturbances. It is equipped with an automatic cleaning device. The sensor has excellent stability even in long testing periods.

KWS100 Environmentally Friendly photometric COD Sensor

Application field

  • Organic load in WWTP inlet monitor
  • Organic load WWTP outlet analyze
  • Discharger monitoring monitor
  • Organic load in drinking water monitor
  • Nitrate or COD measurement in natural bodies of water
  • Monitoring nitrate content or COD in WWTP outlet
  • Monitoring nitrate content or COD in aeration basins
  • Monitoring and optimizing denitrification phases for COD or nitrate


Many organic substances dissolved in water absorb ultraviolet UV190-UV254. Therefore, by measuring the absorption of these organic substances by ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254 nm, the total amount of organic pollutants in water can be measured.

The Kacise COD series sensor uses two light sources, one 254nm ultraviolet light and one 360nm ultraviolet reference light, which can automatically compensate the optical path attenuation and turbidity effects, thus achieving more stable and reliable measurement values.

Sensor Feature

  • In-sensor digital conditioning, minimum sensitivity to interference during signal, standardized communication RS-485 output, support MODBUS-RTU.
  • No reagents, no pollution, no complicated sampling and treatment, Chemical-free measurement, Low-maintenance, more environmentally friendly more economical.
  • Very long maintenance intervals thanks to brush or air cleaning tech accessories.
  • Hot plug and play, easy to maintenance without system interruption.
  • Can measure SAC, COD, TOC and other parameters, pre-calibrated before delivery.
  • Automatically compensates for turbidity interference for outstanding test performance, Early, continuous detection of load peaks without delay

Photometric COD Sensor Technical Specifications


product M easing range
KWS100 1mm gap COD 2.5-1000mg/L*

TOC 0.9-410mg/L*

KWS100 6mm Gap COD 0.75 to 370mg/L*

TOC 0.3 to 150mg/L*

KWS100 32mm Gap COD 0.15 to 75mg/L*

TOC 0.06 to 30mg/L*

* all the range is equivalent KHP.

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