The Cod Sensor mercury anti-pollution meter is a portable, handheld device which measures the level of organic pollutants in water. When deployed, the sensor will assess the aquatic environment and detect the presence of organic pollutants such as insecticides and herbicides. COD Sensors are used in drinking and wastewater applications to measure the amount of organic pollution in water. The COD sensor was developed to meet the challenges of rapidly monitoring BOD, COD, and TOC in effluent. These versatile, low maintenance instruments are suitable for all levels of laboratory users.

COD Sensor is an automatic fishing rod holder with a stand for easy storage, adjustable to fit any size fishing rod without needing to modify the holder. COD Sensor is an advanced optical sensing technology that enables the monitoring of glucose in blood drops without any finger prick. The innovative COD sensor transmits valuable information in real-time to management and operation units.

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