Online Total Aluminum Analyzer KTA600

Online Total Aluminum Analyzer KTA600 is a water quality monitoring equipment. Which is used to monitor the total content of Aluminum in water.

Online Total Aluminum Analyzer KTA600

Technical Specification


Model KTA600
Monitoring Parameter AI
Method Chrome Azurol Spectrophotometer
Range (0.05-80) mg/L expandable
Display unit 12232 dot matrix display, 7-inch LCD touch screen dual display
Measurement Mode Manual  measurement,     continuous    measurement,       periodic measurement, fixed-point measurement, automatic calibration

measurement, standard solution verification

Measurement period 30 minutes to 24 hours, with adjustable expansion
Zero Drift ± 5% F. S
Range Drift ± 5% F. S
Repeatability ≤5%
Accuracy ± 5%
MBTF > 720 hours
Stored data Five years of data storage
Communication interface 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, dry contact
Contour Dimension 505 * 395 * 671(mm)


Principle and Application of Total Aluminium Analyzer


Once in the body, aluminum salts are deposited first in the brain, which can lead to brain damage and severe memory loss, a characteristic symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum is a serious poison to human body and also has a toxic effect on living things. Soluble aluminum compounds are toxic to most plants. Soluble aluminum compounds in water in acidic soils make it difficult for ordinary crops to grow normally.

Principle: in buffer solution, in the presence of OP emulsifier and CPB, aluminum reacts with chrome azurol s to form blue-green micelles. The blue-green micelle is proportional to the

concentration of aluminum, and the content of aluminum in water sample can be calculated by measuring its absorbance.

The main application scenarios are the monitoring of enterprise rainwater and sewage, the monitoring of total copper content in municipal pipe network, pumping station, groundwater, river water, lake water and sea water.

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