Online Total Lead Analyzer KTL600

Online Total Lead Analyzer KTL600 is water quality monitoring equipment. It is used to monitor the total content of lead in water.

Online Total Lead Analyzer KTL600

Technical Parameters


Model KTL600
Detection Factor Total lead in water
Method Lead Spectrophotometer
Range (0.05-80) mg/L expandable
Display unit 12232 dot matrix display, 7-inch LCD touch screen dual display
Measurement Mode Manual  measurement,     continuous    measurement,       periodic measurement, fixed-point measurement, automatic calibration

measurement, standard solution verification

Measurement period 30 minutes to 24 hours, with adjustable expansion
Zero Drift ± 5% F. S
Range Drift ± 5% F. S
Repeatability ≤5%
Accuracy ± 5%
MBTF > 720 hours
Stored data Five years of data storage
Communication interface 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, dry contact
Contour Dimension 505 * 395 * 671(mm)

Principle and Application of Total Lead Analyzer


Lead, a heavy metal, is the heaviest and most toxic of all metals, and of all known toxic substances, lead is the most commonly reported substance in the book, and ancient books have documented the dangers of using lead pipes to transport drinking water. The main sources of lead in water are from the dissolution of rock minerals, the waste water from lead-bearing mines, lead smelting enterprises and the waste water from factories producing lead compounds.

Principle: in strong alkaline environment, add a certain amount of masking agent to mask other ion interference, lead reagent and lead ion in the complex to form a stable compound. The absorbance of the complex is proportional to the lead content in the water sample. The total lead content in the water sample is obtained by measuring the absorbance of the complex.

It is suitable for laboratory Analyzer or industrial production process water, sewage, urban domestic sewage, river, lake, sea and other surface water testing.

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