Kacise play leading role in intelligent water quality monitoring system

Kacise play leading role in intelligent water quality monitoring system

Kacise play leading role in intelligent water quality monitoring system. Our company brand is kacise, we have high-quality water quality monitoring system, water quality monitoring instrument, sewage treatment equipment, pollution monitoring equipment, products are precision measurement, is a good helper to protect the environment. Today lead you to understand our products, you can choose according to their own needs.

Kacise play leading role in intelligent water quality monitoring system

KUS550 series ultrasonic water quality monitoring sensor

Ultrasonic distance sensor has many advantages. The ultrasonic proximity sensor has some advantages over the optical sensor.

Not only are they cheaper, but they typically have a longer measurement range and a higher IP68 protection rating.

In daily life, ultrasonic distance sensor is mainly used in reversing radar of automobile, automatic obstacle-avoiding walking of robot, construction site and some industrial fields, such as liquid level, well depth, pipe length, etc.

KWS500 orp Sensor | ORP probe has better repeatability and stability, and is not affected by the environment.

The automatic cleaning brush of orp sensor effectively eliminates ar bubbles and reduces the influence of pollution on measurement. Long term online use, longer maintenance interval and better stability.

The sensor of orp company has many advantages, such as digital sensor, RS-485 output, Strong anti-interference ability, no ambient light and chromaticity.

Kacise KWS100 UV254 photometric sensor is a new generation of environmental protection COD (chemical oxygen consumption) /TOC (total organic carbon) /SAC (spectral absorption coefficient) /NO3-NO3- sensor.

It doesn’t need a reagent. It is pollution-free, more economical and more environmentally friendly. The cod sensor is small and easy to install.

It can monitor water quality online. It can automatically compensate for turbidity interference. Equipped with automatic cleaning device. The sensor has excellent stability even during long test periods.

The photometric sensor is very environmentally friendly. Many of our customers will provide some feedback after using it.

When monitoring the water quality, we save a lot of reagents, so we can reduce the use of chemical raw materials, create a better environment, and contribute to building a green life.

The KUS3000 series ultrasonic transmitters are typically 18 meters in size and have a sensing range of 100 to 1000mm, with an adjustment range of 100 to 1000mm.

The KWS750 Online pH Sensor is mainly used to monitor environmental water quality, acid-base/saline solution, chemical reaction process and industrial production process.

It can meet the requirements of on-line pH measurement for most industrial applications. It mainly has the following characteristics:

The signal output is RS-485 output (MODBUS/RTU protocol) /4-20mA, dedicated to the field water pH probe.

It can be easily connected to third party devices such as PLCS, DCS, industrial control computers, general purpose controllers, paperless recorders or touch screens.

Dual high impedance differential amplifier, strong anti-interference ability, fast response.

Aquaculture KWS630 fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor, which has the characteristics of online monitoring stability, has excellent performance compared with traditional sensor types.

No film, no electrolyte, strong anti-interference ability, no frequent calibration, no oxygen consumption, no flow limit, temperature and atmospheric pressure automatic compensation, fast response, long service life, economic and practical.

Therefore, fluorescent oxygen sensor is the best choice for real-time dynamic monitoring of oxygen content in aquaculture.

Dissolved oxygen sensor features complete, no film, no electrolyte, no oxygen consumption, not affected by flow, integrated temperature sensor, with automatic temperature compensation function, no sulfide and other chemical interference 

The KWS900 fiber dissolved Oxygen Sensor is widely used to provide better sensor repeatability and stability regardless of how the ambient light is coordinated.

The sensor’s automatic cleaning brush effectively removes air bubbles and reduces the impact of contamination on measurements. Long-term online use, longer maintenance cycle and better stability.

It has stable features such as: digital sensor, RS-485 output, Modbus support, use of automatic cleaning brush to prevent contamination and eliminate bubbles, strong anti-jamming ability, no ambient light and chroma

The optical fiber turbidity sensor has a high degree of automation. Digital sensors can be used when using it.

We investigated the environment according to the real environment, and found that there are many uncertain factors in the environment.

The natural climate interference is strong when monitoring. Therefore, the invention of the turbidity sensor can help us to monitor various environments in daily life, and can respond to changing environments well.

water quality monitoring

Water quality sensor monitoring system

KWS800 multi-parameter online water quality sensor monitoring system adopts single block configuration. Each sensor has a spacer. Calibration data is stored in the sensor for on-site calibration and replacement.

Up to 6 Kacis digital sensors can be connected simultaneously. Sensors for dissolved fluorine and oxygen, four-electrode conductivity, fiber turbidity, digital pH, digital ORP, chlorophyll, and oil in water can be selected.

It is equipped with automatic cleaning devices to eliminate air bubbles and prevent microbial growth, which can easily meet the monitoring needs of rivers, lakes and oceans.

The KWS-5000 carbon dioxide in water is a gas detection module based on NDIR infrared absorption principle, which is suitable for detecting the concentration of CO2 in aqueous solution.

The KWS-5000 uses patented optical cavity, convection and diffusion ventilation mode and protective cover, which not only speeds up the convection and diffusion of gas, but also is waterproof and breathable.

Unique waterproof construction, removable, easy to clean sensor housing. It has a unique waterproof structure, a removable, lightweight housing for easy field installation, and a rich interface for easy customer choice

Each type of sewage detection equipment in our company is very accurate, which can help the urban environment and jointly create a beautiful earth home.

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