The dissolved oxygen sensor is a cost-effective, compact device which can measure the amount dissolved in a liquid. This sensor is also known as DO, dissolved oxygen meter and DO meter. The DO meter has unique advantages over other related equipment like titrator, potentiometric, Winkler titration and polarography. In addition to the dissolved oxygen sensor applications in Environmental, chemical and biological areas there are many industrial applications for dissolved oxygen sensors like pulp & paper analysis, food & beverages and petrochemical monitoring based on measuring dissolved oxygen content in that particular industry.

Without a dissolved oxygen sensor (DO sensor) in the water, we can’t have the DO or pH value. Water when high DO or pH value generally can prevent harmful bacteria grow and make the water to be easily for plants to grow. The DO sensor is suitable for measuring the dissolved oxygen content of water. It is mainly used in the field of environmental monitoring. It can also be used in chemical control and other process management

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